Peach Kota Silk With Rich Pallu Saree

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SILK The royal fabric has a rich trading history all over the world. Silk is the symbol of royalty due to its qualities like soft feel, elegant and classic appearance, high cost of production. Silk is also a very popular textile in high end and haute couture designs. What makes Silk special is it lets your skin breathe and contributes to your comfort. Silk is made up of larvae of silkworm it contains protein which is why this is hypoallergenic (unlikely to cause allergies) among all other fabrics. The technique involves a lot of effort and hard work. Firstly, the silkworms are fed mulberry leaves. After 27-37 days, silkworms stop eating and are ready to spin their cocoon. It took 3-8 days to form a cocoon. This process is known as harvesting cocoons or raising silkworms. Once the cocoons are formed, it is then placed into the boiling water to dissolve the gum that holds the cocoon. This process is known as thread extraction. These silk threads are then coloured with natural dye or acid dye this process is called Dyeing. Now comes the magical step - spinning and weaving. Silk has always been known as a royal garment and will be known as a Royal garment because there is only one Queen of the Fabric that is Silk. For fabric care, never hand-wash or machine-wash. It is advised to only dry clean silk to keep the last long shine. Avoid direct sundry it may cause the colour to fade and keep them in dark while wrapping it on a soft cloth.

Kanchipuram silk sarees were created by skilled weavers of Kanchipuram, Tamil Nadu. A wardrobe treasure, Kanchipuram silk sarees are prepared with special and extra care. Woven by hands from mulberry silk threads, these Kanchipuram art silk sarees are true art. Three shuttles are used to weave Kanchipuram sarees. Weaver works on one side while his aide is on another side. This saree is the symbol of teamwork and coordination. What makes the Kanchipuram silk special is pallu, colour and design that is different from the body. Pallu and body are woven separately and then interlocked delicately to complete the saree. This interlock joint is so strong that the saree can tear but pallu will not be separated. This is what makes Kanchipuram art silk different and unique from other silk sarees!

Category : Kanchipuram Silk Sarees

Weight : 0.5

Occasion : Bridal Collection,Festive,Gift,Gifting,Traditional,Wedding

Blouse Type : Running

Border : Bird

Border Type : Self

Color : Peach

Fabric Type : Kota Silk And Cotton

Pattern : Kanjeevaram

Zari Type : Gold Zari

Made in Days : 0

Classification : silk saree

Millionaire Woman Fashion
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Yespoho is awesome seller. Good quality and reasonable price. Finally i received my golden tissue linen saree. Thank you !

Sandhya Krishnan 05/10/2020

Good Quality. I was very skeptical about online purchase. Yespoho made online purchase easy for me

Elizabeth Thomas 03/02/2020

amazing saree the colors are vibrant and beautiful

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