Yespoho Rewards and Referral Program Rewards and VIP Rewards and referrals program offers rewards on every activity that you perform on the platform – including purchases and non-purchases.

Sign up is free. Earning Points is easier and fun!

  • Earn 1pt for every 1 Rupee spent
  • Earn 20pt when logging in from Mobile devices
  • Earn 50pt when you review your account access
  • Earn 100pt every time you share you share pictures with your friends and family in Social Engine
  • Earn 500 Pt when you signup on Yes!poho social Engine
  • Earn 1000pt when you invite each of your friends and family on Yes!poho Social Engine and they sign up.
  • Earn 500pt when you join membership (VIP members)


Non-Member 1000Pt = 1INR Converts 1000 Points into 1 Rupee
VIP Member 100Pt = 1INR Converts 100 Points into 1 Rupee

To be eligible for VIP member, Guest must have an active membership prior to purchasing an order and applying the membership. For instance, when an order is placed guest can redeem 100pt to 1INR if they have already purchased a membership; else redemption will be 1000pt to 1INR