About Yes!poho

A social platform where all participants have a WIN-WIN situation

A platform that creates memorable experiences to our guests.

About Us

Yes!poho is the 1st TechnoExperience social platform company providing an on-demand guest-centric, affordable luxury products that guarantees memorable experiences to our Guests. Yes!poho was started to create a truly personalized experience by connecting “You” our Guests directly with Designers and artisans in a single social platform.

Yespoho.com is a young and vibrant company that aims to provide good quality products. Yespoho.com caters to the fashion needs of women and kids across apparel, jewellery and accessories Yespoho obtains its Ethihc designer dress from all the corners of india by connecting directly to all artisans across India directly with its Guests. Yespoho believes in Catering different verities to the customers and offer a Safe and great online shopping power. Yespoho.com Offers great Guest experience by offering high quality Luxury products at correct prices.

We, Yespoho.com, is Leader in online etinic store. If you are looking for any designer Indian ethnic ware with reasonable price then Yespoho.com is the best place to shop online. We have the vast verity of Products including Cotton Sarees Collection / Kanchipuram Silks Sarees / Uppada Silk Sarees / Pochampalli Ikkat Sarees/ Tussar Sarees/ Tissue Sarees/ Silk Cotton Sarees/ Chanderi Sarees/ Linen Sarees/ Chiffon Sarees/ Designe Banarasi Sarees/ Kalamkari Sarees/ Designer Paithani Sarees / Saree / Stylish Kurti / Dress Materials/ Blouse Stitching / Soft Silk Sarees/ Jamdani sarees

We have a rich collections of Designer Sarees, Party ware, Uppada Sarees, Darmavaram Sarees, Pochampalli Ikkat Sarees, Soft Silk Sarees, Wedding Sarees Bollywood Sarees and Designer Paithani Sarees. We also boast of an exquisite collection of Lehengas including Designer and Bridal Lehengas. Those who are comfortable with salwar suits Yespoho.com has the best attire to select from Anarkali Suits, trendy Palazzo Suits and stylish Straight Suits. Since we believe in fashion inspired by ethnic style, we also boast of a wide collection of Men’s Kurtas, Party Dresses, Gowns, etc.

To staying true to online fashion ethnic store we have safe and free shipping and COD facilities in india on all of our products. We also ensure 100% security on payment gateways. We offer multiple payment gateways with security as the highest priority. If the customer wants to return any product, we offer free replacement or return Revers-Pickup without any questions asked. Yespoho.com has international shipping to countries – USA, UK, CANADA, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and UAE with options like stitching to their personal choice and shipping to the customers. If you think of women ethnic wear online logon to www.Yespoho.com complete ethnic fashion store.


Our purpose “Respect and treat everyone the way they want to be treated (Guest is God)”. Our mission is to put “You” our guests at the center by combining technology with a personal touch.

Yes!poho core values exist at the intersection of 3 simple ideas:

  • A high touch experience built on relationships.
  • Simple, convenient, and affordable.
  • We believe that life’s greatest adventures are about people. We love to make people happy

Our History

In 2015 when our founder visited India to purchase sarees for his wife and he soon realized that the entire shopping experience was not pleasant.

Traffic and visiting multiple stores seemed to be an accepted norm by consumers not because of choice, but because there are no other alternatives. Given an option Customers, like our founder, would prefer spending time with friends and family as opposed to sitting in traffic.

This is a highly fragmented market and sarees itself is a non-standard product; It means that there is no authentic price comparison tool and retailers have enjoyed this for many years, while customers have no other option but to accept retailers’ price.

A common adage – “Goods one purchased cannot be returned”. This question this status quo as to why? In other countries this is a norm where products can be returned; except in retail stores in India. Consumers have the spending power and therefore, should have a say in returning products.

Finally, consumers do not have a say in the manufacturing process. This means that while taste and preferences have changed; design and manufacturing have not changed to suite consumers preferences.

Yes!poho is challenging each of these consumer pain and it believes that by bringing Consumers and Manufacturers closer together in a social community, it can preserve India’s culture and prevent India’s 2nd oldest industry, Handloom weaving, from becoming extinct.

For all Yespovians, Yes!poho is a second home and we regard and treat each and everyone as Guests and our goal at Yes!poho will always be to offer memorable experience to our Guests

Core Values

What we Stand for?
The Culture of the firm is about people and values. It demonstrates the difference they can make in the ultimate success of the firm, not simply because of their work ethic and commitment to success, but because of the impact all of us can make in the lives of those we have an opportunity to associate with and serve. People — Guests, Associates (GEM), Vendors and Business Partners, Shareholders — when treated with dignity and respect, will reciprocate accordingly. People are more than a pair of hands. People provide the life, the vitality and the conscious to the firm’s common purpose. When brought to fruition, the firm can make a difference. Core values are integral to our identity and should be reflected in everything we do. This is our brand!

Our Core values are:

  • Design and Delivery Delight for All Stakeholders (Guest Experience + Operational Excellence).
  • Act and Think Like an Owner.
  • Build Open and Honest Relationships with Empathy and Trust to Develop Emotional Connection.
  • Do More with Less.
  • Harness the Power of Purpose.
  • Don’t Become Complacent. Deliberately Pursue Growth by Continuous Improvement and Innovation; Learning is Everybody’s Business.
  • Mistakes Happen. Learn from Them to Fail Forward.
  • Empower to Never Say NO and Do Whatever it Takes.

Our Stories

Behave and act like an owner
“Behaving and acting like an owner” seems to a fancy sentence in several corporate world. In my prior jobs, I have asked several managers – senior, executive and mid-level, as to what they mean by this and how to ensure employees do in fact behave and act like an owner? One manager summarized his understanding as -“So does that mean I get to do what I feel like, drive a nicer car, and live in a nicer house?” Employees in any organization have never owned a business or been in significantly senior positions to understand what it is to be and act like an owner. Some of the characteristics of being and acting like an owner includes –

  • Being enthusiastic; accountable and going above and beyond their job description
  • Being able to count on them as they are accountable and, they act with integrity
  • Putting firm and firm’s purpose ahead of their own agenda
  • Building strong relationship across the organization and not just working in silos.

Yespovians have endless fun

Author : Meenakshi Dubey
Every individual undergoes stress in some form or the other. Primary causes of stress arise from Money, Work, Family responsibilities and Health Concerns. On top of it add the stress of daily commute to work. It is noted that Stress related health concerns and missed work cost employers about $300 Billion Annually. Worldwide, 87% of workers say they are emotionally disconnected from their workplace, 76% cite money and work as the leading cause of their stress, and 10% of workers are unhappy, making them less productive. So how can we buck this trend and create an environment that reduces stress and improves work productivity?

At Yes!poho, we take every opportunity to celebrate – whether it is an Yespovian’s birthday, a felicitation event, a Sales Event, Visit to a partner. Yespovians just know how to celebrate. Celebrating isn’t

Yespoho Team Building

Team building activities is essential in any organization to improve Teams’ work culture and creating a binding. It also helps understand teams and individuals that make up a team better. The success of most organisations depends on the ability of individuals to build effective teams. The main goals of team-building are to improve productivity and motivation. Taking employees out of the office helps groups break down political and personal barriers, eliminate distractions, and have fun.

Several organizations conduct Team building mandatory workshops; while others participate in events or activities outside the organization. The purpose of team building activities is to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses.

Yespoho’s Team building activity included a company event trip to Munnar. In Munnar, kurinji flower blooms in 12 years and this year August 2018 is the 12th year when this event would happen. When Munnar was shut down due to heavy floods and mudslides, the team instantaneously and unanimously decided to visit Kanyakumari – the famous rock from where Swami Vivekananda attained his enlightenment.

Everything was merry during the entire duration of the event and closeness among team members can be seen even after the trip.